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What to pack in your spend-the-night bag - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

What to pack in your spend-the-night bag

Let’s talk about it, ladies!

It’s one thing to stay consistent with your AM and PM skincare routine when you’re at home, but what about when you are someone’s overnight guest? Is there a shorter, sexier skincare routine that you can do when you’re spending the night with bae?


You can’t take a shortcut to clear skin. It takes time, patience, and commitment–even if you’re not at home. That said, here are the skincare products you need to pack in your overnight bag to make every day and night count toward clearer skin:

  1. A cleanser. Cleansing your face every night and morning is non-negotiable. At night, you want to remove any makeup, oil, and dirt before you go to sleep, and you want to remove any excess oil from overnight that could cause breakouts in the morning.
  2. A treatment for your challenges. If you have blemishes or your skin is acne-prone, you need to treat your skin every night after cleansing. Skipping one night of treatment could be the difference between waking up to clearer skin and waking up to a new breakout. Overnight spot treatment in front of bae is OK!
  3.  A product for skin hydration. Your skin’s barrier needs to stay hydrated for it to look and be its healthiest. If you go too long without balancing your skin’s hydration, you’ll start to notice it will become dry and flaky and your blemishes will worsen. 
  4. SUNSCREEN! Don’t leave home or go back home without it!

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t want to be seen spot-treating or doing anything extra for my skin. Listen, you have got to always prioritize your self-care! The person you are spending time with appreciates you most when you are feeling your best. Don’t let the (imaginary) embarrassment get between you and your best, healthiest skin.

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