Makeup for your wedding

What’s up all my brides-to-be!? Are y’all good?

I’m six months away from my big day and I’m already planning my makeup look so that goes really smoothly.

You’re probably thinking (or maybe not!) this is really early for something as simple as makeup, but it’s not just makeup. I want my makeup to look natural like skin so I need to put in some work early to make sure that happens.

I’m testing different looks

I’ve been using speaking engagements and local TV interviews as trial runs for different looks and makeup artists for the wedding. Not only do I look great for these appearances, I also get to take pictures at each event to help me finalize everything.

I’m watching which products I like best

I’m looking at makeup looks and products. Makeup artists can have unique tricks and use different products to set makeup and I know I want to look as natural as possible, so I’m communicating that with each artist I try so when I pick one for the big day, there are no surprises.

I haven’t skipped a single day of my skincare routine. 

My wedding is this Fall and yes, I’m starting early. Breakouts live beneath the skin for 30 days and dark spots from breakouts can take months to clear, so I’m not taking any chances. I’m keeping it consistent and clear starting now.

Sometimes we have to be a little extra for the sake of clear skin; especially on your wedding day! What are you doing to prepare?

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