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5 steps for acne-free skin this summer - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

5 steps for acne-free skin this summer

Welcome to June, Skin Friends!

I know we’re all excited about warmer weather and socializing outside, my esthetician brain is excited for Acne Awareness Month, which starts today.

Why? Because we’re going through particularly acne-prone times right now:

  • Some of us are wearing masks less as mask mandates have been lifted for most of the country
  • Some of us are wearing masks more as we’re returning back to school and the office.
  • Current events have us all uniquely stressed out. Seriously.

Acne is still the most common skin condition in the U.S., but new triggers can pop up and we rarely give them much thought. With that in mind, here are some acne-prevention tips to keep you clear and blemish-free all summer.

  1. Don’t skip on your AM and PM skincare routine. While we’re outside living it up, our skin is sweating and collecting oil, dirt, and toxins. We have to be even more diligent with cleansing and moisturizing during the warmer months.
  2. Wear disposable masks or wash cloth masks regularly. A dirty mask is an acne magnet. Period.
  3. Try to cut back on acne-causing foods. I know, this is a tough one. Cheese, sugar, and mixed drinks are what good BBQ parties are made of. But notice I’m saying cut back, not eliminate. Enjoy things in moderation and prioritize how what you eat shows up on your skin.
  4. Be patient with yourself and others. The last thing we need to do if we’re trying to fight acne is find more things to stress about. Let’s commit to having some fun this summer. Life will always have some stress involved so we owe it to ourselves to balance it out.
  5. Wear your sunscreen! Apply and reapply every 2-3 hours and after sweating. This helps to protect your skin’s barrier from harmful sun rays that cause aging and uneven skin tone.
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