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Skincare secrets for flawless makeup - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Skincare secrets for flawless makeup

Do you know someone whose makeup always looks flawless? I mean, the airbrushed look that we usually only see at red carpet events?

Want to know how to achieve those makeup results every time you apply? Here are my favorite secrets for flawless makeup:

  1. Your skincare routine is your most important makeup tool (not brushes or sponges, but more on that later!). Makeup looks its best when it’s used to enhance your natural beauty, not cover up your blemishes. So when you’re consistent with making healthy choices for your skin–including diet and exercise–-you give yourself a clear and healthy palate for you to build on instead of correct. That makes a big difference!
  2. Always start with clean tools. Some people suggest cleaning your brushes and sponges once or twice a week, some even less often. However, if you have acne-prone skin, ignore those suggestions and clean your tools after every use. Acne-causing bacteria is easily transferred from your brushes and sponges to your face, and vice versa. Then your skin breaks out and you’re left covering and correcting your skin with make up and not enhancing your beauty, and that breaks rule number 1! Take the time to clean your makeup tools after each use and store them so they stay bacteria-free.
  3. Never apply makeup on dry skin. Flaky, cracked skin does not look better with makeup on it. Again, how you treat your skin before you apply makeup (and after) has a big impact on how your makeup looks. Always start with clean, moisturized skin so everything stays even.
  4. If it’s daytime, wear sunscreen. Listen, if you deal with dark spots from acne breakouts, protecting your skin is still the top priority! Wearing makeup doesn’t protect your skin from sun rays that make dark spots worse. If you’re applying makeup to go out during the day, apply sunscreen before you start on your face.
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