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Celebrating Black History: The Evolution of Black Skincare - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Celebrating Black History: The Evolution of Black Skincare

You reading this article right now is a testament to how far black skincare has evolved.

That’s because throughout history, melanated skin has been misunderstood at best, and ignored at worst.

For decades, there were no products available to care for melanated skin and its nuances. In fact, there wasn’t much information available about the nuances of melanated skin, so we were left to use what was produced for everyone else (hello? Cold creams!?).

That lack of info led to us believing and spreading misinformation about how to properly care for melanated skin. How many of us have heard that Black people don’t need to wear sunscreen because we don’t get sunburned (and you know I don’t play that!)?

Melanated skin became so ignored that it felt taboo for us to talk about our experiences outside of perfect skin. Got acne? Deal with it in silence. Dark spots? Cover them up. No one dared to admit to seeing a dermatologist or an esthetician, much less recommending one.

The narrative is different now.

Today we can turn to an acne specialist (like me!) who can tell you how to factor in the nuances of black skin into your skincare, like how even the smallest breakout on black skin can leave a dark spot. We’re excited to share skincare tips and treatment options and warn each other about our personal experiences.

Black skin care isn’t taboo anymore. It’s a hot topic.

And the future is brighter than ever.

We’ve turned a new leaf as a culture and have accepted skin care as a major factor in self care. We know that we deserve specialized care for skin challenges and the glowing confidence that comes with healthy skin.

And we’re choosing confidence.

So, know that every time you complete your routine every morning and night, every skin treatment service appointment you keep, and every lifestyle change you adopt, you are changing the trajectory of black skincare.

Let’s do this together

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