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Skin-friendly Galentine’s Day Ideas - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Skin-friendly Galentine’s Day Ideas

Celebrate sisterhood and self-love

Romance on Valentine’s Day makes us ladies feel special, but a great Galentine’s Day just hits different.

I cherish getting together with my closest girlfriends and pampering ourselves with our favorite forms of self-care (mine is skincare, of course!). The only rule is we have to go all out with whatever we do–five-star everything.

Here are some ideas I love and some I’d love to try.

Luxury skin treatments

I give hundreds of skin treatments a month and I still make time to treat myself to one every month, faithfully. For Galentine’s Day, I gather my ladies and we make reservations at my favorite spa and indulge our skin with luxurious facials. It’s so relaxing and when you’re done, your skin is glowing and refreshed. I love that for us.

Detoxes and deep-tissue massages

Talk about self-care! We carry so much stress in our bodies from just managing life, a professional massage can help work some of that stress out and save our skin from stress acne. Bonus points if you book a specialty massage that targets removing toxins from your body.

5-Star farm-to-table fine dining

Food tastes so much better when it’s minimally processed and locally sourced, and it’s much better for your skin. Processed food triggers inflammation in the body, which causes you to produce more skin oil and clogs the pores. That means breakouts. Have your girls get super cute and meet up at the trendy, farm-fresh restaurant in town. Go all in and load your plate up with fresh veggies and lean proteins. You will feel luxurious!

Hot yoga/sauna session

Sweating is one of the most therapeutic things you can do for your body, especially your skin. Sweating pushes out toxins through the skin, including acne-causing bacteria. Activities like hot yoga combine sweating with stretching and deep breathing, literally relaxing and detoxing at the same time. Or, you and your gals can enjoy a sauna session and catch up on girl talk. What a skin-friendly way to leave feeling lighter.

Get creative with your Galentine’s Day! Make it a fun day to celebrate your love for your friends and all things self-care.

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