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The essential skin guide for every bride to be - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

The essential skin guide for every bride to be

The essential guide to clear skin for your wedding

There’s something I haven’t shared with you...I’m engaged!

It’s been a few months and I’m already deep in the planning trenches. As excited as I am, it’s tough! There are so many things to orchestrate that it’s almost impossible to avoid being stressed—which can all show up on your skin. And how you look on your big day is at the top of the list!

We know that no matter how great your makeup artist is or which makeup you use, makeup applies better when your skin is healthy and happy. Here’s what I’m doing to make sure my skin is at its best on my wedding day.

I’m starting early

Clear, healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight. The time to start getting intentional with your wedding-day skin is now, or at least six months before your wedding. That gives you enough time to adjust your lifestyle habits, prioritize overall wellness, and for your skin to respond to the positive changes you’ve made. 

I’m enjoying the ride

This whole process can be so overwhelming. There are so many options for every detail that deciding can be stressful. And when things don't go as planned, what should be a joy for you can become a nightmare. I like in control of the particulars :) so I’m reminding myself to enjoy this time whenever I notice I’m getting too caught up in perfection.

I’ve got a plan and a planner

Again, I like to be in control of the particulars so I’ve found it helpful to write everything down in a planner. This way I’m not distracted by all of the options. I stick to what’s on my list and I’ve got a planner to help me navigate through getting it all done.

I’m prioritizing wellness

Beautiful skin outside starts on the inside, and wellness is critical for both. Self care is important, and I don’t just mean candles and bubble baths. I mean finding healthy ways to cope with stress, eating food that is nutritious for the body, and exercising regularly. Now, this isn’t easy. When the stress piles on, it can be tempting to grab the liquor and stay on the couch. But your skin won’t appreciate it. Your skin appreciates sweating regularly to remove toxins from the pores, and it enjoys a nutrient-dense, dairy-free diet.

With all of the stresses of planning going on, I’m finding that staying consistent with these tactics is helping me to feel great and be ready for my beautiful wedding photos. I cannot wait!

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  • Tammy M Sanderson

    Congratulations on your engagement 💍🍾🥂😊

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