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3 Reasons why you should never sleep in make-up - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

3 Reasons why you should never sleep in make-up

Did this article’s headline make you feel guilty? If yes, keep reading!

I know there are lots of reasons to skip washing your face before going to bed, but none of them are worth risking your beautiful skin complexion so we won’t get into that. Let’s get into all the ways that taking a few minutes at the end of your day to cleanse your face can prevent so many skin troubles.

Night time is the right time...for skin cells to renew

Your skin regenerates itself while you sleep at night, so it’s really important that you have clear, clean pores before bedtime. When you sleep in make-up, you leave your pores clogged all night with dirt from the day so your skin isn’t able to do its job.

Your make-up is a dirt magnet

Sounds gross...and it is. As beautiful as make-up is on the face, it’s also what attracts dirt and bacteria to you. So while you may get a few minutes more of sleep when you skip washing your face, you also get to keep the day’s toxins on your face and on your pillow for the next night. Sounds like a bad trade-off to me.

Your make-up looks better the next day

Make-up is meant to enhance your beauty, not cover up imperfections. When you leave your make-up on overnight, you get more breakouts and more places where your make-up won’t look as good. When you keep your pores clear overnight and allow your skin to regenerate properly, your make-up gives you better coverage.

So while there are tons of excuses we can use to skip washing our faces twice each day, these three reasons alone are bigger reasons to make cleansing part of your bedtime routine, don’t you think?


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  • Regina Munlin

    Sylvia, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, advice and tips with us “Brownlee Beauties “ I love this journey of loving to take care of my skin, self confident and loving it!!!! 😘

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