Women's History Month

Today is the last day of Women’s History month and I want to close with sharing a personal thank you to some of the amazing women in my life who have impacted me directly. I never had to go far to find a remarkable support system of women because I am the middle child of two incredible sisters, and I have a bright, highly-intelligent daughter. This collective of women has been the best set of friends I could ask for, and the best support system as a woman in the beauty industry.

Between them I have an entrepreneur for coaching, an organizer who keeps me grounded, help with packing orders (often with little notice), and a representative from each age demographic in my target customer base. Their willingness to try samples as I developed my products has created the opportunity to offer you the best performing products and consultations that I can. Each of them use my products and they love them. They’re all on different routines because their skin types are different, so between them I get a great spectrum of insight and research.

My daughter has been invaluable to my branding process. She has helped me with whatever I’ve needed since I first launched, and she sees my vision sometimes more clear than I do. She’s always there to remind me of what’s on brand and to stay consistent with my clients, just like I taught her. And even though she lives in another state now, I still FaceTime her for her input.

Having them in my life is the biggest blessing. I don’t believe I would be this far with my passion for helping other women to look and feel their best if it weren’t for their unwavering support. So, close out Women’s History Month, I honor, thank, and salute my sisters and my daughter.

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