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Three reasons why your acne isn’t going away

Three reasons why your acne isn’t going away

Acne is so frustrating!

Even when you’re on a clear-skin streak and you think you’ve found the right products and routines to get it under control, boom. There’s another breakout. This can’t be life.

It’s like there’s something missing in your routine for perfect skin, and there is. The good news is this blog will explain three major keys to conquering acne breakouts for good.


  1. Stop spot treating


Pimples have a life cycle, one that begins days if not weeks prior to the blemish reaching the surface of your skin. Given that there's likely acne you can't see, spot treating does very little to prevent new or future breakouts from forming. In other words, spot treating is at best a temporary fix. Rather than applying topical acne treatments onto individual spots, make sure you're covering the entire surface of your face and neck to prevent bacteria from growing in surrounding areas.

  1. Check your diet

While it may come as a surprise, the health of your skin starts from within. Many of today's skincare fads promise quick, lasting results, but in reality, what you eat has more of an affect on keeping frustrating breakouts at bay. If a total overhaul of your diet doesn't sound ideal, don't panic! Let's get you on track towards achieving a clearer, radiant complexion by cutting out the top three foods/beverages that've been proven to cause inflammation:

  • Processed sugar

  • Dairy

  • Gluten


  1. It’s the maskne

Yep, the very thing we need to wear to protect ourselves during the pandemic is a catalyst for breakouts. Don’t stop wearing your mask, though! Instead:

  • Buy reusable masks and wash them often in free and clear laundry detergent

  • Apply a thin layer of Vaseline jelly where your mask tends to rub to best help reduce friction, trap moisture and slow the growth of bacteria between washes

  • Wash your face at least twice a day and after working out

  • Skip wearing makeup under your mask

  • Use ice to reduce inflammation when breakouts happen

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    I’m 48 year old, and my concern about this agne is frustrating around my face?! End with the mask on🤭,!! I’m going to worry about it 🤔,!!! Agne???!!!

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