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Tips for clear skin while traveling - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Tips for clear skin while traveling

Travel is good for the soul, but if you aren’t prepared, it can be harsh on your skin. Here are some little-known tips for making sure your skin looks its best while you get around.


Beware of mask-ne (mask acne)


Masks are back for many of us, which means we need to be conscious again about how they can cause acne breakouts. Go for disposable masks instead of reusable ones. It’s easy for cloth masks to carry build up from dirt, oil from your face, food, whatever and we don’t wash them enough, if at all.

Also, be mindful of how you remove your mask while you’re talking or eating (or to take a breath of fresh air!). When you pull the mask down over your chin several times a day, the mask rubs against your skin and the friction can cause irritation and breakouts. Take the mask off from your ear instead.

PRO TIP: Wear a thin layer of petroleum jelly (you know the one) to reduce friction from your mask.


Fly out, don’t dry out


Everything about being on a plane is drying for your skin: the altitude, the re-circulated air, not drinking enough water because you don’t want to use that restroom. You can fight dry skin from the inside out by drinking more water on the days leading up to your flights and getting to the airport in enough time to hit the restrooms. Keep your TSA-size approved moisturizer with you so you can moisturize right before you board.

Also, if you’re flying during the day, remember you’ll be very close to the sun which is dangerous for the skin. Keep that sunscreen with you and reapply every 2-3 hours.


Sleep well with your satin pillow


Take your satin pillow or pillowcase with you! Cotton pillowcases collect oil, dirt, hair products, and everything else that clogs your pores and causes breakouts, even if it’s only over a few days.


Wash your face with bottled water


OK, here me out. Hotels often have hard water. Even if you’re staying at someone’s home as you travel, they may have hard water. You don’t want that to dry out your skin and aggravate any acne that you’re already treating, so keep a bottle of water with your toiletries to cleanse every morning and night.


Use sponges over face cloths


Washcloths are so rough on the skin, especially if and when you’re dealing with active breakouts. Use disposable facial sponges instead. My faves are available on Amazon. They’re easy to pack because they don’t expand until you put them in water.


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