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The do’s and don’ts of holiday skincare gifting - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

The do’s and don’ts of holiday skincare gifting

Ever thought about giving skincare products as gifts? We all have skin, right?

Skincare products make great gifts because they are functional and memorable if they offer some degree of improvement.

The tough part is deciding which products to give as a gift without being suggestive or inaccurate. Products that are too specific can be interpreted offensively, and may address a skin challenge that the person you’re giving it to doesn’t have.

The trick is not to shop for products that are made specifically for one skin condition. Instead, focus on high-quality products for general skincare. I suggest sticking to products that align with the basic steps of a general skincare regimen, but shop small. Those products are often higher-quality because they don’t include harsh ingredients that bigger brands sometimes use. This website is a great place to start, though.

Facial cleansers as a holiday gift

We’ve all got to clean our faces, right? Exceptional face cleansers remove dirt and replenish the skin’s barrier with moisture so it isn’t dry and flaky. 

Give skin moisturizer as a gift

Speaking of dry and flaky skin, that’s a common challenge during colder months. Moisturizers are a great gift because they’re easy to use as needed, and those made with high-quality ingredients will leave the skin noticeably softer and more radiant.

Sunscreen as a stocking stuffer

If you’ve read anything ever on this site, you know sunscreen is life to us! Sunscreen does a big job: it protects against sun damage, it prevents existing dark spots from getting worse, and it helps with anti-aging. Who doesn’t want that?


Treating the skin with ice-cold therapy reduces inflammation from existing breakouts, and helps to speed up the healing process. It also reduces signs of aging and feels refreshing overall (we have the perfect, no-mess solution for this!).

Skincare gift card/certificate

This route never fails. If you have no clue which product would make the best gift but you want to share the fabulousness of a particular brand (wink, wink!), a gift certificate is the easiest solution.

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