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Skincare tips for better makeup wear - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Skincare tips for better makeup wear

Let’s talk about makeup!

Because whether you appreciate a good face beat everyday or just on special occasions, a complete and consistent skincare regimen is the best primer and aftercare. Makeup is our friend and is wonderful for enhancing our natural beauty, but without proper skincare and precaution, it can easily become a trigger for breakouts whether you wear it often or not.

Here are some makeup tips to consider before and after applying to keep your skin healthy and glowing underneath.

Cleansing and makeup wipes are not equal

I appreciate you for recognizing that sleeping in makeup is one of the worst things you can do to your skin, however, don’t cheat your skin with shortcuts like makeup wipes. These are actually drying and irritating for the skin, and they don’t remove makeup that’s lodged in your pores. If you find that cleansing your face once doesn’t quite remove all of your makeup (that waterproof mascara can be tricky!), try using a pre-cleanser first to break down the oils in the makeup so it’s easier for your cleanser to remove. If it’s a heavy makeup day or your skin doesn’t feel totally clean, cleanse twice.

Wash your makeup brushes and applicators after each use

Yep, once every few days isn’t enough. Acne-causing bacteria grows and spreads easier than we give it credit, which means we have to be diligently proactive about prevention. Set aside a little time each day to cleanse your brushes and applicators after you’re done applying makeup. Having blemish-free skin is certainly worth it.

Beware of pore-clogging makeup

If you’re a makeup wearer you know that all foundation isn’t created equally. Some feel significantly heavier than others, and that’s because they are. Heavy foundations and highlighters are super risky for healthy skin because they clog the pores. Makeup should be light on the pores where your skin still looks like skin. If your makeup doesn’t build coverage with light layering, it’s time to switch it up.

Remember it’s always skincare first, makeup second. Having great skin means your makeup can really do its job of enhancing your natural beauty, not concealing blemishes. Keep it skin friendly, beautiful!

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