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Get ready for clear skin: How to best minimize acne breakouts for good - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Get ready for clear skin: How to best minimize acne breakouts for good

Many of my new clients come to me struggling with skincare because they’re unprepared. If you’re battling acne, you’re sure to lose every time if you don’t have the right weapons to hit the enemy–acne breakouts and scarring–right where it counts.

We encounter acne triggers everyday–that’s life. The key to consistently clear skin is to keep the skin’s pores clear and balanced day and night, many of us need to adjust our habits and keep the right products on hand so breakouts don’t stand a chance.


Skincare products for your gym bag

First, kudos to you for taking care of yourself! As you work your muscles and sweat it out, you’re also pushing out toxins and clearing your pores, helping you to avoid acne breakouts.

That said, you’re going to need to wash that toxin-carrying sweat away immediately after your workout: Do not go to the store or run errands (I know!). That sweat will have the bacteria that causes acne resting on your pores, which is exactly what you don’t want. Start your routine before you leave the gym. Toss a travel-size skincare kit in your gym bag to cleanse and apply your serums, moisturize and apply sunscreen before you leave if you don’t shower at the gym.


Skincare while traveling

Of course you want to bring your cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen with you as you travel, but many of us aren’t prepared for how drying for the skin long flights can be. Plus, if you are flying during the day, the sun is going crazy on your skin.

Make sure you’re prepared by keeping a travel-sized sunscreen in your carry-on so you can apply and reapply as needed.


Packing your spend-the-night bag

OK!? Because let’s be real: a lot of us are skipping our routines because we don’t want “bae” to see us mid-routine. Stop it, sis!

Your boo wants to see you at your best. That’s why they’re into you. So they’re not going to mind you taking time for yourself to care for your skin, even if it’s a little extra. And if bae doesn’t support or make you feel good about your selfcare, ditch the boo, not your routine :-)

That said, keep your day and night routine products with you when you’re spending the night with boo! Yes, still ice your breakouts. Yes, let those exfoliators sit for the recommended amount of time and treat overnight if you need to. Stick to the plan so your skin looks amazing while boo shows you off on date night.

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