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Consistency is key: Skin discipline in honor of Acne Awareness Month - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Consistency is key: Skin discipline in honor of Acne Awareness Month

 According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, fifty million Americans are challenged with acne. It’s common, and even if you don’t have acne, a breakout every so often is normal.

That’s because breakouts happen in cycles and for various reasons. Hormonal changes, stress, skincare products, and hair products are a few common culprits for breakout acne. As oil builds up and clogs the pores for whatever the reason, bacteria starts to grow as well and inflammation turns into the pimples you see.

Given all the possible factors that lead to acne, consistency is critical for clear, acne-free skin. Here are the ways in which you can reduce and eliminate acne challenges through consistency.

Cleanse your face twice a day, every day. I know. After a long day it can be hard to do anything other than go straight to bed. Oil, dirt, and toxins build up on the skin throughout the day and can clog the pores if left overnight. Make cleansing, toning, and moisturizing part of your morning and before bed routine. Don’t think twice about it and don’t give skin toxins a chance to clog your pores.

Stay away from acne-causing foods. The health of your skin starts from within. Many of today's skincare fads promise quick, lasting results, but in reality, what you eat has more of an affect on keeping frustrating breakouts at bay. Certain foods make your skin more susceptible to breakouts. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them, just with moderation. Prioritize how what you eat shows up on your skin.

Use high-quality products, only. Your skincare routine will only be as effective as the products you use, and that starts with knowing your skin type. I highly recommend speaking with an aesthetician to recommend products that are specific to your skin challenges for the best results.

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