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Bridal Skin 101 - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Bridal Skin 101

Brides vs. Breakouts: A guide to preparing your skin for your big day

Wedding season is upon us and if you’re a bride-to-be, you don’t have to waste on skin products that may not work. You want a fool-proof routine that guarantees clear skin in time for your wedding photos.

Good news: there is a plan specifically for your skin to prevent breakouts before and on your big day. Much like planning your wedding, it will be a time commitment that requires consistency and a little professional help. And the sooner you start planning, the better the outcome. Here’s what you should consider when planning for beautiful skin on your wedding day.

Consult an esthetician early in your wedding planning

Don’t go at it alone, especially if you have a history of skin challenges like acne or eczema. The stress of planning a wedding can make things worse, and some factors that trigger skin blemishes are beyond the control of most skincare products. An esthetician can quickly isolate the root cause of your skin challenges and create a plan specific to your skin’s needs--saving you the guesswork.

Commit to your skincare routine and plan

For the best results, you have to stay diligent with what your esthetician lays out for you. Stay consistent with:

  • Your consultation appointments. Your esthetician needs to observe your skin regularly to track your progress and make changes to your plan as needed.
  • Your home routine. What you do at home is just as important as what happens in your esthetician’s office. Keep washing your face twice a day and use the products your esthetician recommends as often as required.
  • Your lifestyle changes. Your esthetician may recommend you switch laundry detergents, hair products, even your diet. You have to trust the process to see results.

Relax. Enjoy planning your wedding

Wedding planning can be a stressful time, even though it’s exciting. Don’t get so caught up in managing all the details that you forget to do things you enjoy during this time as well. Stress management is even more important during life-changing events. Keep up with your self-care routine. Remember, stress also shows up on your skin.

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