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Troubleshooting your acne triggers - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Troubleshooting your acne triggers

Tips for eliminating hidden and little-known causes of acne.

One of the most frustrating things about acne is that triggers are hidden in everyday places, so even when you’re doing everything else right, you’re still not creating the most acne-free environment for your skin.

Think of this as your hidden trigger checklist. I think some of these will surprise you.

  1. Wash or change your pillowcases regularly. Also, flip them every other day to prevent build up from irritating your skin.
  2. Don’t use exfoliating scrubs or tools on active acne breakouts. This makes them worse.
  3. Makeup with SPF does not replace applying SPF to your skin.
  4. Clean your cell phone everyday with an alcohol wipe.
  5. Clean your sunglasses and glasses, too.
  6. Brush your teeth before cleansing your face. Your toothpaste may interfere with your skincare products.
  7. Keep your hair away from your face. Hairstyles that leave hair in your face can clog your pores if your hair products are made with heavy oils.
  8. Make sure your laundry detergent and fabric softener are fragrance-free.
  9. Don’t allow your pets to lay on your pillows
  10. NEVER skip your daily AM and PM routines. Just don’t.
  11. NEVER use a makeup brush that wasn’t just cleaned.
  12. Don’t skip your sunscreen in the morning and re-apply every 2-3 hours and/or after sweating.
  13. Stop smoking cigarettes!
  14. Don’t over exfoliate. Use your products as directed.
  15. Don’t use tanning beds–very acne triggering.
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