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Why teaching teens self-care and healthy skin habits early is crucial - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Why teaching teens self-care and healthy skin habits early is crucial

As a parent, you're likely always looking for ways to help your teenagers navigate through the challenges that come with adolescence. And while you may be focused on things like grades, friendship and extracurricular activities, one thing that can often get overlooked is skincare. However, this is a crucial aspect of a teenager's development that can have a significant impact on the rest of their lives.

Starting now can lead to healthier skin in the future

Learning the importance of taking care of their skin is an essential step in any teenager's journey towards becoming a confident, self-assured adult. Not only can it help them avoid the dreaded acne, but it can also lead to healthier, smoother skin in their later years as well. And as hormonal changes occur, it's even more important to pay extra attention to the care and maintenance of their skin.

Best skincare ingredients for teenager's acne-prone skin

When it comes to ingredients, teenagers should look for products that contain substances such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Both of these are great for removing impurities from the skin and keeping acne at bay. Additionally, they should look for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which can help keep the skin hydrated.

Best skincare routine for teenager's acne-prone skin

As for the type of products to use, teens should be using a gentle cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen on a daily basis. And if they play sports or engage in activities that cause sweating, it's especially important to cleanse the skin thoroughly after activities and use products that can help keep the skin clear. Our Sensitive Skin Starter Kit is a great starting point. It's an easy to maintain skincare solution for acne and eczema-prone skin with just 4 simple steps to nourish, calm and soothe redness — while also helping to protect against future irritation. 

In addition to the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, we recommend adding a facial scrub that is specifically formulated for acne-prone skin. Our Clear Skin Pumice Scrub 2.5 has natural exfoliants that help rid the skin of excess oil without causing irritation. We recommend using 1-2 times per week. 
Acne can be a significant factor in a teenager's self-esteem. So having an effective and consistent skincare routine can help them feel more confident, comfortable and empowered. And that's why Skin By Brownlee & Co is dedicated to empowering young girls by providing them with the tools and knowledge to take care of their skin.

Join our Annual Pure Beauty Camp this Month

With the annual Pure Beauty Camp held by Skin By Brownlee & Co, teenage girls can learn the importance of self-care and how to maintain healthy skin. The program covers topics such as skincare routines, healthy habits, and stress management. And it all comes with the added benefit of being able to feel confident inside and out.

If you're in the Cincinnati, OH area, be sure to get your tickets for the Pure Beauty Camp. Spots are filling up quickly, so don't miss out on this opportunity to help your teenager build a better future for themselves. Remember, by taking care of their skin now, they can look forward to having a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin.
Skin by Brownlee & Co.'s Annual Pure Beauty Camp


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