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Teaching your kids good skin habits - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Teaching your kids good skin habits

Give your kids a head start on healthy skin habits

Many of us have a story or memory of dealing with acne or some other skin challenge as a teen or young adult, but how many of us can say we were taught about proper skincare or how to live a skin-friendly lifestyle as a child? Not me!

Now, imagine how much self-confidence and assurance we could plant in our kids if we teach them early on how to control and eliminate acne triggers with healthy skin habits? 

You have the power to set them up to enjoy radiant, thriving skin for life, and the knowledge of what to do if and when breakouts happen. Here are some ways to do that:

1. Educate kids about how the skin works.

Once kids understand how their skin as an organ and how it functions with the rest of the body, they can become more conscious of their decisions as it relates to their skin. Explain to them that our skin is an important part of the body, and everything we put in the body affects the skin.

The way to treat and prevent acne is to create a healthier environment for the skin’s barrier. You do this by completing a thorough skincare routine twice a day, and by eating a balanced diet that limits your intake of acne-causing foods.

2. Build a skincare routine around their schedule

Between classes all day and practice in the afternoon if they play sports, cheer, are in the marching band, etc., sweat and dirt can pile into the pores and cause breakouts by the time they get home in the evening. Get active kids and young athletes in the habit of starting their PM skincare routine right after practice and washing their face right away to prevent sweat and dirt from building up. 

Keep them equipped with a travel-size skincare kit to go in their gym bag. This should include a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen to keep the skin barrier clear and protected.

3. Encourage them to make healthier food choices.

This can be a tough one, but once you explain how and why some foods cause more oiliness and breakouts, you can encourage them to prioritize their overall health and eating what’s best for the skin. This isn’t to say a little indulgence isn’t OK here and there. The idea is to make healthier choices more often than indulging, not the other way around.

4. Be a healthy-skin example for your kids.

Let’s be honest, kids pay attention to what we do more than what we say. When kids see their parents prioritizing their skin, making healthy food choices, and getting regular exercise, they learn to normalize that for themselves. If we want to lead our kids to a clear skin lifestyle, we have to go first!

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