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5 Things Slowing Down Your Journey to Clear - Skin by Brownlee & Co.

5 Things Slowing Down Your Journey to Clear

“How long before I start to see my skin clear up?”

That’s the first thing everyone wants to know when they start their skin journey. When we’re dealing with skin challenges we can become desperate for quick results to let us know what we’re doing is finally working.

There isn’t a black-and-white answer to this question, though, because healing the skin is a bit more involved than just the products to use. There are other factors to consider when estimating how long it will take to clear your skin. Here’s how I break it down for my clients before I answer this question:

1. You have to be consistent with your AM and PM routine.

It’s possible that you could see clearer skin in two months or two weeks, but if you aren’t staying consistent with your routine every night and day, you’ll never know how quickly your skin can heal. Your skin needs to be cleansed, treated, and moisturized twice a day to create an environment for healing. Think about it like this: Every time you skip your routine, your journey to clear starts over.

2. You have to apply each product correctly and in the right order.

Healing the skin is a very intentional process, meaning you have to take your time and allow your skin to absorb each product before moving on to the next step. And each product needs to be layered from heaviest to lightest: Cleanser, toner, gels and treatments, serums, then moisturizers and sunscreen. Layering your products this way optimizes your skin’s responsiveness, which can speed up your healing time.

3. You have to commit to a skin-friendly diet.

Before you freak out about the idea of changing your diet, remember everything you eat shows up on your skin. Some foods like dairy, peanuts, heavily processed foods and sugary foods cause a reaction in the body that promotes oily, clogged pores which leads to breakouts. Reducing your intake creates a healthier internal environment for clearer skin externally. Think you’re not taking in a lot of unhealthy foods? Start keeping a food journal to track how often you’re really eating these things. It makes a huge difference!

4. You have to commit to a skin-friendly lifestyle.

Regular exercise, healthy stress management, and prioritizing self-care are all big factors in how quickly you’re able to get acne under control. We’re surrounded by acne triggers every day. Committing to making healthier choices as a lifestyle is the best way to ensure you are constantly fighting against acne triggers and limiting the number of breakouts you experience.

5. You have to check in with your esthetician regularly.

Think of your relationship with your esthetician as a partnership. They need to know everything you’re doing to your skin internally and externally to best advise you on the steps you need to take to heal your skin. Sometimes products will work great at first and then your skin becomes less responsive over time. You may need to stop using certain products for a while to rebuild their effectiveness for your skin. Check in with your esthetician regularly to stay ahead of these things and keep progressing toward clear skin.

If all of these factors are in order, I tell my clients they can expect to start seeing results in 30 to 60 days. 

Even still, sometimes things may appear to get worse before they improve. As you change your lifestyle and diet, those toxins can cause breakouts on your face as they exit the body through the skin. Don’t be discouraged. Stay dedicated to a skin-friendly lifestyle and your skin will thank you!

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