We use both hard and soft wax. We will determine which type of wax is best suited for your hair type, growth pattern, thickness and area of treatment. 

Yes. Waxing and sunburned skin are not compatible. 

Waxing is hair removal by the root so yes, it smarts. You may choose to take an ibuprofen an hour or so before your appointment but out services are very efficient and you’ll be on your way quickly. 

Your hair should be at least ¼ inch long for optimal results. This is roughly two weeks of growth post shave or previous waxing. If you are a first-time waxing client, the longer your hair is the better! Please understand that your appointment may be cancelled if you have just shaved or your hair is far too short, however your fee will still be due. Successful waxing is highly dependent on hair length. 

You may be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle but it’s not a reason to cancel. Please wear a fresh tampon, snugly tuck the string and use the provided wipe. 

Only the client holding the appointment will be allowed in the room. Your companion will need to wait just outside. 

Please don’t. We’ll determine if trimming is necessary. One of the best ways to prep for your body waxing appointment is physical exfoliation. Please gently scrub the area to keep hairs lifted and skin free from excess oils and dead skin cells. Your waxing expert will provide you with all of the homecare details at your appointment. 

This is up to you. Think ingrown treatment, brightening serum or

The average life of a waxing service is 3-4 weeks but everyone’s hair growth cycle is different, it may be shorter. 

Waxing while pregnant is safe however your skin maybe far more sensitive. We advise you to check with your physician in the last trimester. 

It is best if you schedule your full-face wax and facial on separate days. We will not wax facial skin on the same day as a professional strength exfoliation. 

Waxing just before UV exposure increases your chances of a sunburn. Waxing freshly tanned skin may result in uneven skin tone because waxing removes the topmost layer of skin. Timing and high SPF use are to be considered carefully. 

Accutane is a 100% contraindication. We will not wax you if you are taking Accutane. Please review the instructions that come with your medication or check with your physician. For skin sensitizing medications and topical formulas that thin skin, we expect you will check with your physician and refrain from usage in the week leading up to your appointment.